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Freeing up female entrepreneurs precious time by managing your podcasts and social media

Hi, my name is Valery

Traveler, podcast-lover, social media queen, and entrepreneur.

Last year, I set off on a trip around the world. While traveling, but still wanting to stay connected, I started my Podcast Management business.

Podcasts have been so valuable to take the step to live as a digital nomad. I’ve been traveling for 7 months now and I still enjoy every day. Podcasts have changed my life

I love my  work as a podcast & social media manager—putting my skills to work every day for you.

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Hey, I get it

Is your business is going well, but sometimes it all gets to be a little too much? Are you feeling overwhelmed by balancing work with the rest of your life?

 You want to spend time with your family and friends, but you still have to edit your podcast and schedule your social media… there goes another hour of quality time.

 That’s where I come in. I will help you with your podcast and social media so you have more precious free time to spend with your family and friends

Podcast Management

Social Media Management

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Valery helped me edit one of my podcasts and did a great job. She was able to know which parts to take out without too much direction. Would recommend working with her

Ivy Xu

Career coach and strategist, www.ivyxu.co

Valery did a great job editing my podcast episode!  The sound was clear, everything flowed well, and the style was in line with my show.
The editing was completed in a timely manner, and Valery was a clear professional who communicated with me every step of the way.
I highly recommend Valery to anyone looking for sound editing services.
Laura Bauder

Host of Postpartum Perspectives