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Podcast Launch

Let’s do this!

You’re ready to start a podcast that makes an impact, build that know, like, and trust factor. Reach more people with your show and bring in new leads.

But you are a busy entrepreneur and you have no idea where to start and no time to do research on what you need to have in place to get started. 

Then you are at the right place, we from The Podcast Planners are here to support you through every single step in this process. 

In 8 weeks we will launch your podcast successfully!


  • Strategy and onboarding call
  • Creation of launch plan
  • Hosting platform setup
  • Organize Google folder
  • Set Up Workflowboard Trello
  • Editing trailer episode and uploaded
  • Editing intro and outro
  • Edit the first 3 episodes
  • Show notes for the first 3 episodes
  • Submission on all platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play, Amazon
  • 1 audiogram for each episode

We work with a Graphic designer who will create customized templates for during the launch and after.

  • Cover art
  • Audiogram Template (IG Feed ) for solo and guest
  • Audiogram template (IG Story) for solo and guest
  • 1x Coming soon graphic
  • 1x Quote graphic

Investment: $1800,-

* 3-month commitment for the ongoing packages

*Price is in USD, excl. transfer fee

What isn’t included and you may need to purchase

Equipment (Recommend: microphone, headphones, and pop filter)

Podcast Hosting Platform Recommend: Libsyn

“Valery is organized, timely, and thorough with her work. She has helped me make launching my podcast MUCH less stressful and has helped me avoid problems I didn’t even know I could have with a podcast!

If you are launching a podcast or just want someone to trust to edit and release your monthly episodes, Valery is your girl!”

Allison Jordan, LMT, FDN-P, CST-T

Host of the Better Belly Podcast

Working with Valery as my podcast manager was so easy! I wasn’t sure what to do, how to do it, or what the first the step would even be, all I know was I desired to get my podcast up and running fast.

Valery made it clear what the steps were and along with her team, created awesome graphics and audiograms. I choose Valery to do it all for me, as I don’t have a lot of extra time so all I had to do was send her my recordings and as if by magic my podcast is up and running and reaching people all over the world.

Thank you, Valery, for being so patient, professional and outstanding at what you do.

 I’ll be telling all my clients about this amazing podcast manager!”

Victoria Bond

Host of the Release Your Blocks Podcast

Victoria Bond

Host of the Release Your Blocks Podcast


What happens after the 8 week timeframe?

After the initial 8 weeks, you have a 3-month commitment with us. But we have a surprise for you because you did the launch with us, you get a $50 cashback on the first 2 months.

We have 2 different ongoing packages. These services you can find by using this link. 

Why is it an 8 week commitment?

So much goes into launching a podcast, and out of the experience, we saw that an 8 weeks timeline works for everyone.

In 8 weeks, we have enough time to ensure we have room to get everything done around your existing time commitments. And maybe you need to purchase some things to get started. Then there is time for that.

Do you have a paymentplan?

Yes, we have.

We have a 2-month payment plan and a 3-month payment plan.

When you want to use our payment plan, please let us know before the call.

I don't need help with the launch, but I need help with editing. Can you help me with that?

Yes, we can.

If you only need help with podcast management, we can support you with that. We have 2 different ongoing packages where you can choose off. If you want to learn more about our ongoing packages, click on this link.